Kodėl nemėgstu svečiuotis turtuolių namuose

Kodėl nemėgstu svečiuotis turtuolių namuose

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IQ testas

Question: what would u like to drink…fruit juice,soda,tea,milo,hotchocolate or coffee?
Answer: Tea please
Q: Ceylon tea,herbal tea, bushtea,honey bush tea,icetea,green tea?
A: Ceylon tea please
Q: How would u like it ? Black or white?
A: White please
Q: milk,whitener, or condensed milk?
A: milk please
Q: Goat milk, camel milk or cow milk ?
A: cow milk please
Q: milk from freezeland or afrikaner cow?
A:afrikaner cow please
Q: warm or cold ?
A: warm please
Q: full cream,low fat or fat free?
A: ummm…ill rather take it black please
Q: would u like it with sweetner,sugar or honey?
A: with sugar please
Q: beet sugar or cane sugar?
A: cane sugar please
Q: white,brown or yellow sugar ?
A: just forget about the tea. i will have a glass of water instead please
Q: mineral or still water ?
A: mineral water please
Q: flavoured or non flavoured?
A: hey futsek man,just get me water from the river …..i dont wanna know which river, and stop asking me too many questions

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